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Peak City CBD is organically grown and chemist crafted. Experience the difference of finely crafted CBD made from the cleanest and best methods. Chill Berry is our premium terpene-targeted 1500mg CBD oil that is specially formulated to help relieve anxiety and stress.


Be sure to check out our other terpene-targeted oils to give you the effect you need! Comes in an amber bottle with calibrated dropper so you can find the correct dose for you and consistently get it. We offer a wide range of oils, topicals, vapes, and other great CBD products.

                  Retail $109.99


1500mg Tincture

ChillBerry-w berry 360x288.jpg

The Best CBD Oil for Sleep

•   Calm your restless mind and body and improve sleep quality with our custom Sleep Formula featuring organic CBD and cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil for optimal sleep support benefits. 

•   Quality: Crafted in small-batches with 100% Organic Hemp Plants from select USA farms.

•   Strengths: 1200mg or 2400mg of organic CBD per bottle (contains <0.3% THC)

•   Safe: Third Party Lab Verified

•   How to Use: Simply fill your dropper and place 10-20 CBD drops under your tongue once per day. Hold for 90 seconds to get a maximum mind and body infusion. Aim to use it 30 minutes before sleep.



            RETAIL  $119.99 -$162.99



Pure Gold CBD oil for Sleep


Why CBD Toothpaste?

"By evaluating the colony count of the dental bacteria isolated from six groups, it was found that cannabinoids (CBD) were more effective in reducing the bacterial colony count in dental plaques as

compared to the well-established synthetic oral care products such as Oral B and Colgate."


Research found that CBD was up to 6X more effective at killing bacteria that causes Gum Disease and Tooth Decay.

• Developed by Dentists

• All Natural Ingredients

• Whitens Teeth

• Removes Plaque

• Strengthens Enamel

• Reduces Inflammation


            RETAIL  $14.95



All Natural 100mg

CBD Toothpaste


• The Best CBD for Sciatica Relief.

Relieve back-pain with our custom pain relief

formula, featuring organic CBD, premium coconut oil and natural Strawberry extract for a smooth enjoyable experience.

• Fresh Strawberry Taste

• Quality: Crafted from 100% Organic grown in select USA farms.

• Strengths: 300mg and 600mg per bottle

• Safe: 3rd Party Lab Tested



           RETAIL $41.99 - $72.99


CBD Oil for Back Pain Relief


NIGHT is a CBD tincture used for restful nights that features a rich blend of CBD and melatonin. NIGHT features Scotch Valley’s own Full Spectrum Oil extracted from our spectacular Cherry Wine CBD hemp flower, carefully selected botanicals, and vitamins. Created by a naturopath with more than 30 years of experience, Scotch Valley Ranch NIGHT provides you with optimized relaxation to guide you to sleep and ensure that you stay asleep. Buy our sleep CBD tincture online.


  • 500mg CBD per bottle

  • 16.7mg CBD per dropper

  • 30 droppers per bottle



               RETAIL $59.95


NIGHT CBD Tinctures


We Combine our Natural Hemp Seed Oil with Full Spectrum CBD.


Our all natural Hemp Seed Oil is cold-pressed and unrefined. 

Hemp Oil has valuable Super Omega-3 (SDA) and Super Omega-6 (GLA), for health and nutrition. 


Each serving contains a daily serving of 28mg Full Spectrum CBD. It's delicious when combined with olive oil in salad dressings, pasta, pizza, or try adding it to smoothies for a nutritious boost. Our Multi-Purpose Oil can also be used as a topical to soothe sore muscles and joints. 

We only use organic hemp grown in the USA and all of our products are third party lab tested.

181 servings / 28mg CBD per serving / 16oz

                      Retail $138.00


5,000mg CBD • All Purpose Oil

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