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ZenLeaf aims to be the nation’s low-cost leader in CBD products

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Born in the Utah mountains, ZenLeaf Health offers a natural, organic, effective product that meets the highest quality standards while both providing the consumer with a low price and the retailer with a strong margin.

(Interview with ZenLeaf Health founders Devin Horning and Kindall Palmer)

Why did you start ZenLeaf Health?

After successfully using CBD to treat a variety of injuries and ailments for both ourselves and our families, we naturally wanted to find a way to share this with others. However, all of the quality products on the market were priced too high to be used consistently by our friends and relatives, and the majority for that matter. We knew there had to be a way to create a high-quality product that was affordable.

What makes ZenLeaf Health different from other CBD companies?

We were able to leverage our manufacturing, retail, finance, and start-up backgrounds to create a company that can empower the average American family to find natural relief through CBD, as we have. We price our CBD products at wholesale and retail prices that are significantly less than our competitors while maintaining the same high-quality standards that are 3rdparty lab tested and verified. We test every ingredient throughout the manufacturing process, in addition to the final product itself.

Additionally, we felt that CBD could be easily woven into everyday life through product formats that did not yet exist in the market. From CBD shots, to energy drinks, to pre-workout blends, we are committed to expanding a product line that fits naturally into a healthy lifestyle.

What does your product line look like and where do you see it going?

Our all-American, hemp-based, organic CBD is grown and harvested in the beautiful farms surrounding Denver, Colorado.

We currently offer tinctures, tablets, topical roll-ons, pre-workout blends, CBD shots, and pet CBD products in both full spectrum hemp extract and CBD isolate forms. In the coming month, we are releasing CBD-infused gummies, pet treats, drink mixes, and energy drinks.

At the end of the day, ZenLeaf is health focused. We only offer CBD in forms that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle. We are all about finding new ways to help our customers make CBD a part of their daily lives and enhancing their overall health and wellness.

Please feel free to reach out:

Visit for their full product line and more information.

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