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Women vs Men and CBD, Who Buys More?

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

The Market is growing for both men and women, but who's buying more?

The largest survey on CBD usage recently found that women were more likely than men to use CBD. The survey also found that women were more likely to abandon their traditional medicine for CBD.

The new survey from the Brightfield Group and HelloMD covered 2,400 of HelloMD’s community and questioned them about the usage of CBD products and their effectiveness. HelloMD’s audience brings both doctors and cannabis patients together.

The survey found that 55% of the CBD market went to women and 45% to men. Men were more likely to use THC based products and women more likely to use CBD products. The most common reasons people used CBD were for insomnia, depression, joint pain and anxiety. 42% of the CBD users said they had stopped using traditional and prescription pain relievers and switched to CBD products.

When marketing to women it is important to know these facts.

1) You can’t generalize a gender – Women are Mothers, Daughters, Wives, Single Moms, there is no one demographic that is a one size fits all. One voice does not fit all.

2) Women Love Storytelling – good stories help a woman decide if they like, trust and want to engage with a brand. Women are more likely to support brands that support a cause.

3) Pink is not a strategy it’s a color. Put some thought and reasoning behind your packaging and brand messaging.

4) Women love to experience the brand, especially in a retail brick and mortar surrounding. Knowing your products is key for your sales staff. Engage and educate your customer.

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