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USA HEMP - Its all in the family.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

USA Hemp grows, extracts and produces it's own successful line of Hemp and CBD products.

Interview with USAHEMP / Natasha Redwood Director of Marketing

USA Hemp is a Family run business that moved from the east coast in 2015 to pursue their dreams of growing cannabis. The business was formed by brother Rafael Redwood, wife Natasha Redwood and sister Ana Redwood. Initially starting out in the recreational THC market for two years, the Redwoods recognized that the space was becoming saturated and decided to carve their own niche in the Hemp/CBD market. In 2016 the Redwoods launched USA HEMP out of Molalla Oregon.

When the family moved to Molalla in 2016 describe how you got started:

We knew we wanted to control all aspects of our product from seed to shelf. So, we first started with growing and harvesting 110 acres of Americanized Hemp, we then wanted to control how the CBD was extracted by building our own CO2 Full Spectrum Extraction machine. With that came In-house production and launching the USA Hemp line of products. The response to our brand was incredible and in 2017 we grew to over 1,500 acres of Americanized Hemp.

What are the advantages of being a fully vertical brand?

Well it definitely sets us apart from the majority of brands that purchase product from various sources and relabel it with their brand or logo. There is no consistency when you get tinctures from various outside sources. We organically grow and farm our own hemp, we extract the CBD and other cannabinoids to a full spectrum oil via supercritical CO2 extraction. From seed to finished product we control every step of the process -real hemp that is farm direct. By growing our own hemp we have also developed three of our own proprietary strains. You won’t find these strains in any other brand and each strain has different effects and are bred to combine fast and flavorful relief.

You also have an animal rescue on the farm, what prompted you to care for animals?

Yes, hemp isn’t our only passion. We are proud to double as a rescue farm for animals in need of a loving home. From our two dairy bulls, Ben & Jerry, to our alpacas, horses, chickens, dogs, cats, and everything in between, we’ve rescued many and will continue to rescue many more. This also prompted us to make a pet CBD tincture as well.

What Products are you currently producing and what can we expect in the future?

We currently have 19 products including: CBD Tinctures, CBD Topicals, CBD Capsules, CBD Disposable pens, CBD Joints and CBD Flower. All focus on different remedies with specific effects. All of our products use true organic American Hemp, no synthetic additives are used – just pure natural hemp. We will be developing our own Redwood Hemp Cigarettes in January 2019 and also will be developing a 4SKU beauty line.

Who is the typical USA Hemp Customer?

USA Hemp customers are informed, they’ve done their homework and are looking for a brand that only uses pure organic hemp grown and made in the USA. Our customer are looking for remedies to relieve day to day medicinal problems, everything from inflammation, sleep, focus and relaxation – we put thoughtfulness and innovation behind every product we make.

Learn More about USA HEMP at

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