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Trust The Earth Hemp CBD & CBG Flower and All Purpose Oil.

Organic American Sun Grown Hemp, CBD and CBG flower - Keeping it all Natural !

Why do you think that smoking hemp is becoming more popular these days?

TTEH: Smoking Hemp pre-rolls first became popular in Europe, just within the last couple years has smoking hemp become more popular here in the USA. The vape scare, affordability, the social aspect of smoking, consumers want to get back to basics and what better way to enjoy hemp in its most natural state by smoking it.

How is your Flower grown?

TTEH: Our farmers have 25 years of experience and have been growing Hemp since 2016. Our plants start as seeds in a greenhouse and are then transferred to fields where they are grown organically in the sun. We integrate conscious farming practices using water conservation and pesticide free growing methods.

We grow in Oregon and all our crops are 3rd party lab tested. We believe in full transparency and all of our Lab reports are posted on our website Our growers are members of the Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers’ Association, and members of The National Hemp Association. Our goal is to grow and produce the highest quality full-spectrum, whole plant CBD on the market.

Your Packaging is pretty unique what’s it made of?

TTEH: We use all plant based packaging for our 1/8’s and pre-rolls. We thought it would be cool to use packaging made of Hemp instead of adding more plastic to the environment. It also sets us apart from the competition that is using plastic tubes for their pre-rolls and plastic viles and lids for their 1/8’s.

The only disadvantage is that consumers can’t actively see or smell the product. This is why we provide all of our retailers with countertop sample jars. Consumers are then able to look at our flower up close and smell it’s aroma.

Not only do you sell CBD pre-rolls, but you are also getting into CBG. What’s the difference?

TTEH: CBG stands for Cannabigerol, and like CBD comes from the hemp plant. CBG is the parent molecule of CBD and THC and is found early during a hemp plant’s growth. As the plant continues to grow CBG evolves into CBD, THC and other cannabinoids . Therefore, without CBG there would be no CBD or THC. This is why CBG is considered the Mother of all cannabinoids.

CBG is gaining a reputation as a powerful cannabinoid with many therapeutic benefits. Research suggests that CBG can stimulate brain growthstimulate bone growthrelieve pain and inflammation. It has also been shown to have anti-bacterial propertiesanti-tumor, help with glaucomaInflammatory bowel diseasemanage skin conditions and mediate bladder dysfunction. A study in 2014 found that CBG was found to block the growth of cancer cells. Like CBD, CBG can also help with stress and anxiety. Research is still being done, but we feel that CBG will gain more popularity within the next year.

Do you sell direct to consumers or only to retailers?

We only sell to retailers. We see a lot of our competition selling direct to consumers and are cutting out the brick and mortar businesses. We don’t want to compete with our authorized retailers, instead we want to help them and make sure they are educated about our product and what makes our strains different.

We want consumers to engage with their local CBD shop, smell our strains and educate themselves. We provide all of our retailers with marketing materials so that their customers can take information home and learn more about CBD and CBG. We also make our pricing more affordable so that retailers can get their full markup without losing any sales, that’s why our pre-roll packaging has TWO 1 gm pre-rolls instead of just one.

We offer our retailers FREE Shipping with a minimum order, FREE marketing material with every order and FREE countertop sample jars with their initial order. We want to give our retailers all the tools they need to be successful and gain loyal customers.

Product Update: Trust the Earth Hemp has just released an all new ALL-PURPOSE Hemp Oil, Both Hemp Seed Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) have multiple benefits and by blending the two into one Large 16oz Bottle you have an All-Purpose Oil that can be used with Salads, Smoothies, Pizzas, as a Topical or Tincture. 181 Servings per bottle, available in both 5,000mg CBD (28mg per serving) or 10,000mg CBD (56mg per serving). The price is a Game Changer at less than $1 per serving.

For more information contact Trust The Earth Hemp at: or visit them at

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