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Farm Bill Signed

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Now What?

President Trump signed the Farm Bill on Thursday Dec 20th, 2018. Industrial hemp is now legal in the U.S. and should also loosen the laws around its main extract CBD or cannabidiol.

Individual states will continue to regulate or enact laws related to CBD and industrial hemp, allowing for possible further legalization.

Farmers and CBD businesses large and small are declaring this a major victory. Banks and payment processors/credit card companies can now service the hemp industry. Interstate commerce of hemp and hemp products is now allowed. Hemp farmers will now be allowed to purchase insurance. The bill will also allow researchers to test extracts for pharmaceutical uses for health and wellness.

Currently CBD products are on the shelves of specialty markets and health and nutrition stores as well as sold online. This latest milestone is a step in the right direction and it may take another year for regulatory clarity before larger retailers such as Walmart begin to stock their shelves with CBD infused products. Bottom line, it’s going to happen -be ready and start to get your product and your branding in order!