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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Quality with Attention to Detail is what makes PureNSM an Industry Leader.

We Sat down with Founder of PureNSM, Oskar Thorvaldsson.

How did you get started?

I started selling supplements online in 1996 from campus while in art school. By 2000 I focused exclusively on supplements recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark. I had good rapport with my clients as I understood their pain. Soon my entire house was one big warehouse. In 2006 I ended up buying the factory and have been expanding ever since. I later bought the Bernard Jensen Products brand also, however the majority of our business is contract manufacturing at

Why did you name your company PureNSM??

Did you know that 35% of consumers object to preservatives and chemicals? We are the leading contract manufacturer with a long history of manufacturing without those.

Dr. Hulda Clark was very much against any additives. The factory I bought had already been specializing in manufacturing supplements without those additives since 1993. I simply continued the tradition.

Source: Civic Science, April 2015

Margin +/-2% 4,233 responses from 4/10/2014 to 5/10/2015

Who are your largest CBD clients?

CV Sciences, formerly Cannavest, were definitely our largest CBD clients. Very good people there.

What makes you a good contract manufacturer of CBD??

We are UL and NSF certified GMP. There are a lot of manufacturers, especially in the CBD space that are not stickelers to quality. We are. We are quality obsessed - we have to. If we were not we would not be able to maintain our GMP certifications from NSF and UL for all those years.

Furthermore we have invested in a High Pressure Homogenizer that enables us to create Nano CBD.

Wait a minute! Isn’t anything nano bad??

Absolutely not. It is important to distinguish different sources of nanoscale materials. Of course if they are derived from plastics in packaging or fish, yes nano is bad. If it’s pure food grade nutrients, then nano is safe. You are already consuming nano sized particles in meat, fish, fruits and veggies. Your body creates nanoscale food particles to be able to absorb them.

Nano CBD is just as safe as normal CBD. The benefits are that you need much less of it. Nanoscale CBD appears to dissolve in water. This is because particle size is so small that it doesn’t reflect light so you can’t see it.

We work with the best formulators in the business, highly skilled chemists, PhD types. We nerd out on making fantastic CBD, CBN, CBG with super fast absorption manufactured in the best possible GMP facility.

Certified best in class! Our homogenizer is huge, production volume is practically infinite. We of course don’t use ultrasonic equipment because of contamination from such methods. We often joke that we don’t like our products to taste like burnt electronics. This is exactly what ultrasonic equipment does.

For those looking for a Contract Manufacturer, why choose PureNSM??

With over 850 brands being banned on Amazon in 2020 because of a single manufacturer we know it's so very important to be very careful when selecting a manufacturer.

PureNSM may not be the right partner for you. We are not the cheapest, because we know cheap comes back to bite you in the butt in the forms of Amazon delistings or recalls or Prop 65 lawsuits. We created a great report you can download called “Top 10 Questions to Ask a Supplement Contract Manufacturer BEFORE You Hire Them”. Don’t be sorry later, read up and hire the right manufacturer! With this download you also get the following free reports:

  1. Supplement Industry Trends 2021

  2. How to Avoid Dry Labbing

  3. How to Verify GMP Certifications from NSF and UL

  4. Amazon Success Report 2021

How do you avoid using preservatives and chemicals?

We have been manufacturing without Magnesium Stearate since 1993. We have lots of experience in this and we know first hand that this can be done with almost any ingredient. At the most we use rice based flow agents, rice hulls that are sterilized and ground to a fine powder. Avoiding chemicals and preservatives does not have to be expensive. In fact, we price competitively!

Furthermore, our expert chemists invented a way to cut all preservatives out of our liquid nutritional formulas by cutting all water out of the formula, we also use citric acid based preservatives that have greater acceptance with consumers than preservatives with names people can’t pronounce.

Do you offer private label supplements?

Yes we do! We started with two amazing CBD+CBN Sleep supplements. Minimum order is only 12 bottles and you put your own label on the bottle. Great prices!

Price for a 60 capsules bottle, retail $49.95. Wholesale price for 12 get 40% off.

Mom and Pop shops can make good money on those for sure. Anyone mentioning “CBDFollow” gets an additional 20% off. We love CBD Follow! They have a good crew and we want to support them. You end up paying only $23.97 per bottle, if you buy 12 or more bottles.

Do you apply the labels on the bottles for us?

We do but it depends on your order quantity, generally if you order over 400 bottles. If you order less you get bottles without labels. All our bottles come with a lot number and exp date printed on the bottom. You then need to apply the labels on yourself. We can email you the graphic files and send you to our incredible amazing graphic designer. I think he charges $60 to put your super duper logo on the bottles. Then you can send the graphics file to our printer who routinely prints small amounts of labels. By the way! Labels are so important. The more golden and shiny the better! Don’t save money on label qual

What new developments are on the horizon?

We are installing an oil in capsule encapsulation machine that enables us to put oil in two piece hard capsules. This is much better than when using softgels. Softgels contain plasticizers. Avoid those!

We are also adding functional chewing gums to our presentations. We have here a candy coating machine in which we can incorporate nano nutrients

What kind of a supplement involves the lowest upfront Research and Development Costs? How do I get started with my own brand of CBD?

I am so glad you asked this question, so many people come to me with this great lofty idea to create a supplement that is either a liquid or powder or a tablet, they want it to taste great and have over 30 ingredients in them.

BIG MISTAKE!!! Don’t even go there. Here is what you do. Choose to create your supplement in a capsule and make sure you only pack no more than 5 ingredients in there. Because of testing, each ingredient increases costs. Yes, you want a proprietary formula. No you don’t want a complicated formula. Yes you want a clean label. Choose those few ingredients carefully. Go for Nano CBD in powder form for example, blend it with herbal supplements. Research successful brands then talk to a Naturopath. We can refer you to some great Naturopathic Physicians.

For more information on how to work with PureNSM and have them Private Label Manufacture for you please go to:

Remember to Mention CBDFollow & get an Extra 20% Off!!!

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