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Peak City CBD – Peak Quality, Scientifically Crafted

Interview with Matt Weschler, Owner and Organic Chemist from Peak City CBD

How did Peak City CBD get started?

I’ve been in the electron microscope industry for the last 20+ years. Scopes like this are fantastic and the technology is great and I’ve worked with some amazing people over the years. But, I was looking for something a bit different and some new challenges, and wanted to get back to my “chemistry roots”. Trained as an Organic Chemist, I missed the challenges of the chemistry lab. In some random casual discussions with a close trusted friend here in North Carolina, I learned about organically grown hemp. It’s then that the light bulb went off and I decided to start Peak City CBD. I knew we could make a great product, a clean one, extracted and formulated just right for our customers with hemp from one trusted organic farm. That’s where the farm to table idea was spurred.

What makes Peak City CBD different from other CBD vendors?

Being a chemist, I have a special understanding of the process and what is required to make a good CBD product. At Peak City CBD we offer CBD oil, topical creams, and vape products. We offer full spectrum oils. I believe in the Entourage Effect and the importance of utilizing the whole plant and terpenes along with the CBD. You might not be familiar with it, but the key is that we want to retain the goodness and profile of the actual plant in our products. There are blogs on our website where you can learn more if you want. The product line will expand, but for now we are focusing on making sure we do a clean extraction on pesticide-free, organicallygrown hemp. We are going for quality, content and flavor. Another differentiator is that we have the capability for in-house testing of the hemp and all the extracts and oils we produce. So, each batch can be checked for quality, purity, and strength. It’s so costly and time intensive to do this with outside labs, that many in the industry take shortcuts and simply don't do it. We take the content of the products seriously, because people are putting our products in their bodies – it has to be the best quality.

Tell us a little more about your product line

Today, as I mentioned briefly, Peak City CBD offers CBD oils, topical creams, and vape juice and accessories. We feel that for most people to gain the benefits of CBD, these are the key products they need. These products encompass a great range of how people take CBD every day. Peak City CBD will soon be coming out with a very nice sampler pack, that will allow a customer to try out a few different strengths of CBD oil, to help them determine which one is best for them. Be on the lookout!

Tell us a little more about your process and the biomass that is used

Well, at Peak City CBD, the hemp comes from one farm and one farm only. It’s about 45 minutes away from the lab and processing facility. The hemp is hand delivered and transferred to us, so there is complete traceability and no questions on the quality. The hemp is organically grown, no pesticides, no molds or toxins (and it is 3rdparty tested to prove so). Once in our processing facility, we use CO2 extraction to extract the CBD and terpenes from the hemp. This is an amazing process not only because of how it works, but because of how pure and clean the extraction is. CO2 extraction is commonly known as the cleanest way to make CBD oil and it does indeed make some of the best around!

Why did you decide to invest in in-house analytical testing?

That’s easy. It wasn’t cheap though. It’s so important to know what is going on in the process, not only for us at Peak City CBD, but for the end user. We need to have this capability at Peak City CBD to ensure that the quality really is at the peak. We use a few different techniques, but infrared spectroscopy is our go-to platform for in-house CBD testing. We also of course use 3rdparty testing to validate our results, and we provide these certified results on our website and to any customer that wants them.

What’s the best part of your job as owner of Peak City CBD?

The best part is hands-down hearing the success stories of customers that use Peak City CBD and see results. This is what it is all about. We are customer service oriented from pre-order to post-order and we LOVE to hear the success stories.

What does the future hold for Peak City CBD and what are some of the expected upcoming headaches?

At Peak City CBD, we are looking to provide the best product to our customers that they can possibly get on the market. We will continue to do this, and also look at expanding our market with different oils, vapes, and perhaps even edibles and other CBD products. Along with our expansion, we look for the industry and regulation to expand, which will ultimately allow the “good” CBD vendors like Peak City CBD to survive and flourish. We hope that the CBD banking industry and CBD advertising industry lighten up and allow more traditional means of banking and advertising (social media and pay-per-click) to ramp up.

Where can we find Peak City CBD for sale?

We sell mostly online at We are also working our way into some stores in the Raleigh area and hope to expand further. You might see us at a few trade shows and other events in your area as well! Check out the website for more info.


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