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Holistic Hemp Healing and Their Quest for Wellness

Interview with Corey and Denika, the husband and wife team that makeup Holistic Hemp Healing.

What made you start Holistic Hemp Healing? We got started because I was facing a spinal injury. I was dealing with a lot of pain and side effects and didn’t want to take the pharmaceutical medications being suggested. After doing research with my wife, Denika, who is an advocate for holistic medicine, we tried CBD and were astonished by the results. From there, we knew we had to produce quality CBD products to help others in the same way.

What makes Holistic Hemp Healing a quality CBD Brand? We not only go through our own quality control testing, but also have our products tested by third-parties to receive reports on cannabinoid, terpene, and aroma profiles.

What makes Holistic Hemp Healing different from other CBD brands? We are different from other CBD brands because of our commitment to customer education. We teach our customers what to look for on CBD product labels, and how to determine a quality product from one that may not provide the benefits they are seeking. Whether they buy our products or not, we want to make sure they aren’t wasting their money on a product that won’t help them.

Who is the typical Holistic Hemp Healing Customer? Our customer base has so much variety. Our customers are professional athletes, grandparents, soccer moms, teachers, high profile CEO’s, loving pet owners, or even YOU! Because of the wide range of benefits, we don’t have a “typical” customer. With the broad range of benefits, quality CBD can help so many people.

How is your CBD sourced? Our CBD is sourced ONLY in the United States from our close knit network of hemp farmers. The CBD is CO2 Extracted, processed, and given to us in it’s purest form. We then create the premium quality CBD products our customers love.

How do you help your retailers sell your products? Like I mentioned before it's all about education. We help our retailers sell our products by educating them the same way we educate our customers. We want them to be CBD experts the same way we are so they are able to answer their customer’s questions with confidence. We also provide them with beautifully branded displays and infographics containing helpful information for their customers.

What Products are you currently producing and what can we expect in the future? Because there are a wide range of reasons to take CBD, we created a wide range of products to ensure we have something for everybody. We carry Full Spectrum CBD Elixirs, Pharma Grade Water Soluble CBD Elixirs, Bath Bombs, Handmade Soaps, a wide range of Supplements, Edibles ranging from Dark Chocolate Bars to Gummies, Pet Health Products, and Pain Relieving Salves, Lotions, and Sprays. We may add a few more pet products unlike anything else currently on the market as well as some other exciting additions in the future.

For More Information visit Holistic Hemp Healing at HolisticHemp.Life

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