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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Greenlife Organics was not created, it was discovered.

How did Greenlife Organics start?

When our dog Aria became unable to walk due to hip complications, we were convinced we had no other choice but to put her down. In a last ditch effort to save her life, we gave her some drops of CBD Oil to find her the next day running and jumping with the vitality she only had when she was young. After witnessing the healing potential of CBD, we determined among ourselves to grow Hemp on our organic Avocado farm with the goal of sharing it with others. It is truly amazing to see how far we have come to developing 100% all-natural CBD Products grown from the seed for the wellness of our customers and the world at-large.

It was our dog Aria who gave us our story and ignited our love for all things CBD! We had experience growing avocados, so why not use our land to learn to grow the amazing Hemp plant? It was a learning process, but the Hemp we organically-grow is truly a world-class product and the product reviews of our CBD Oil validate the hard work and love we pour into our process daily.

What are the advantages of being a fully vertical brand?

The true advantage is being able to ensure our process is of the highest quality from seed to shelf. We walk our fields daily and fabricate our own extraction equipment to produce the world's purest CBD Oil.

How did Covid 19 affect your sales and how did you have to change your business?

Covid-19 has left more people anxious than we realize, and our sales show our products are meeting the needs of repeat customers who are finding calm, comfort and moments of solace using our all-natural CBD Products. We reconfigured our shipping department to space shippers 6 feet apart to comply with all state mandates for essential businesses and have provided hand sanitizer and new gloves everyday so our shippers can do their jobs safely and our customers can be guaranteed a clean package. We were contacted by the FDA to make hand sanitizer, so that has kept us plenty busy!

What makes Greenlife Organics different from the other brands?

We are different in these 3 ways:

1. We grow all of the Hemp infused in our products ourselves on our San Diego Farm. Our products are only made from the blossom of the Hemp plant, the best & purest source of CBD in the entire plant! Our plants are organically grown with natural well water and tons of California sunshine!

2. We extract CBD using our handbuilt proprietary extraction process overseen by a licensed pharmacist. Our cold process retains all of the original plant material in the final product, producing a CBD Oil of the highest purity and potency. We do not use high heat associated with CO2 Extraction.

3. We provide world class customer service to our amazing and cherished customers. 

How is your CBD sourced?

We grow the Hemp infused in our products. In the case we run low on Hemp blossoms, we source from Leilani Farms in Central Point Oregon whose process is organic and pure.

What testing do you go through to insure quality products?

All of our products undergo third party testing by independent labs to ensure the final product is free of toxins, pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, contaminants and all heavy metals.

What challenges do you see in the future?

The main challenge is social media censorship and restrictions of advertising which make it incredibly difficult to spread the word about the natural relief of CBD.

How do you help your retailers sell your products?

This is where things get fun! We provide full educational classes for our retailers. This involves staff and customer educational events where we bring products in-house to show customers why we are different and how they use these products to achieve their wellness goals.

What Products are you currently producing and what can we expect in the future?

We are ecstatic to bring our organic infused CBD gummies to market!

What does your product line look like and where do you see it going?

We see ourselves providing industry leadership through pharmaceutically sound oils, capsules, topicals and gummies. We are looking to expand into beauty products in the near future.

For more information on GREENLIFE Organics visit them at

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