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FilmOrganic is Saving Hemp Farmers Time and Money.

Updated: May 16, 2019

FilmOrganic has a clean technology that saves Hemp Farmers money, labour and clean up time. Interview with co-founder Roger Tambay

What is FilmOrganic? FilmOrganic is a company that specializes in soil bio-degradable bio-plastic mulch films. Before planting crops, farmers usually lay down a plastic mulch layer. This plastic is used to keep weeds pressure to a minimum and to retain moisture in the soil. Unfortunately these plastics cause extra work after harvest. They are also not good for the soil or for the environment. When the harvest is over, the plastic must be removed and dumped in a landfill. Some fragments end up staying in the soil unless someone bends down and picks them up.

What makes FilmOrganic Mulch Films better? It helps grow more and better. FilmOrganic biodegradable mulch films are disked in the soil after harvest. That saves precious time. How much time? About 6 person-hours / acre. The workforce can tend to post harvest duties like hanging and drying the high value harvest instead of wasting days or even weeks to clean and dump a field full of plastic. Plus, the technology we use to make our film is clean. It meets the ASTM D-6400 compostability standard and there are no adverse effects on the earth, either during or after decomposition. Also, the total cost-of-use of FilmOrganic mulch is lower as compared to poly. So, if you had a choice between taking care of your harvest or wasting money picking plastic, which would you choose?

In regards to Hemp Farming, what would you say are the key benefits?

The top 6 benefits for hemp farmers I would say are:

More flowers: Smart Stripes helps increase flower yields compared to standard white on black in most climates.

Lower THC levels: Smart Stripes helps keep THC levels in check as compared to standard black in most climates.

Less labor : All FilmOrganic mulch films reduce the need for labor during installation and are disked in the soil, not removed from the field, after harvest.

More time to supervise your harvest: Cleaning up takes 15 minutes / acre v 6 hours / acre to clean up poly mulch means you can watch your crew tend to your harvest instead of supervise how they clean the field. And we all know that’s where the time counts the most. Clean and proven technology : Tested and used for over 5 years. Not additive-based technology. 

Save money : Lower cost than the total cost of polyethylene mulch film when you take into account the cost of labor, tractor and disposal.

I encourage hemp farmers to watch our video (see above), you can also reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For more information visit FilmOrganic at

or reach them at (514) 674-2642

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