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El Gallo Labs, Inc.

Interview with Jimmy Raymond, CEO

Today we’re sitting down with Jimmy Raymond, CEO of El Gallo Labs in Vista, California to talk about their CBD business and their recent first place win at the WeedCon Cup for Best CBD Tincture. They also won First Place for Best Indica Vape.

El Gallo Labs knows what sells and why and they are one of the up and coming leaders in the CBD and Holistic Healing industry.

Where did the name El Gallo come from?

Jimmy: El Gallo is Spanish for “The Rooster” and has its roots as Mexican slang for marijuana and is a tip of the cap to our operations based just north of the border in Southern California. 

I heard El Gallo is “the leader” or “the big rooster on the yard” type of thing?

Jimmy: Yes, we believe El Gallo is the true way, the strong and potent way, and everything we do stays true to our mission to provide potent and effective medicine to patients and friends seeking non-opioid pain relief with pure and natural ingredients.

So, you recently won two First Place Trophies at the WeedCon Cup?

Jimmy: Yes, we are stoked. One for Best Indica Vape and the big one for Best CBD Tincture!

What makes yours’ so special?

Jimmy: El Gallo’s Fresh Strawberry CBD Tincture line is made with cold-pressed, unrefined extra virgin organic olive oil, and natural strawberry flavoring. The olive oil not only tastes great, but it also speeds the CBD into your system faster than our competitor’s options. We’ve had a lot of success with Strawberry flavors, winning numerous awards with our e-juices, so we were confident that we could produce a winner straight out of the gate with our natural organic custom recipes. Natural Vanilla is the other flavor people crave to add on everything to make their own CBD edibles. We see our customers adding our CBD to their morning coffee, to smoothies, on top of ice cream and they would typically start with a dropper under the tongue and work their way up to a dosage that delivers the desired effect.

So, you make your tinctures in various strengths?

Jimmy: Yes, the El Gallo line of CBD Fresh Infusions comes in four strengths; 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg and 1500mg.

We also have CBD Isolate tinctures at 500mg and Zero-THC.

Why do you feel the need to offer both Full Spectrum CBD and Isolate-based CBD?

Jimmy: Our Isolate-based CBD is used mainly by our sponsored athletes who are subject to drug testing. We have been working with the team at Cali Cage Wars here in So Cal to help the fighters train and heal from their battles. People really love our Natural Papaya, but the Anise which tastes like black licorice, was number one on Weedmaps for a while too. Fresh Mint is the third flavor and you’ll have fresh breath as a side benefit.

What makes El Gallo unique?

Jimmy: First of all, we’re a true grassroots operation.

We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of the CBD industry and to support the retailers with point of sale display assortments, Patient Appreciation Days, Budtender trainings, contests and giveaways that really make a difference. Our years in the trenches with the e-juice business taught us many things that we’re bringing to the CBD world. We feel educating the customers and sales reps about dosing levels, the healing power and our quality ingredients is our number one priority.

Our team is made up of some of the brightest minds in the industry. Everyone is dedicated to making El Gallo products the best choice out there. We take pride in our operations, and we hold our partners to the same unrelenting high standards. Our products are carefully monitored throughout the production process and include 100% natural, triple lab-tested CBD extracts.

Putting the patient first with the highest quality organic and natural ingredients, it looks like you’re on to something with a complete product assortment for the retailers.

Jimmy: Yes, there’s the Fresh Infusions line of CBD Tinctures made from Full Spectrum CBD, we offer great tasting CBD Isolate-based Tinctures as well as Body Balms. Don’t forget, we have the coolest swag around. We can’t keep our t-shirts in stock!

El Gallo Chairman Dan Cascino (center) with UFC Legend Joe Daddy Stevenson and UFC Contender Series Fighter Jamal Pogues and their Trainers proudly sporting the El Gallo gear.

Your roots come from the vaping industry so do you have any CBD vapes?

Jimmy: Yes, the CBD Little Chicken Disposable Vape Pens provide over 150+ puffs.

The Little Chicken is the world’s most powerful disposable vape pen designed for potent THC and CBD medicating on-the-go. The current vape pens out there offer weak airflow, poor battery life, and are unreliable; The Little Chicken truly is an industry breakthrough. Our CBD Little Chickens come in two strengths and three varieties including Relax-Lavender, Revitalize-Grapefruit and Recuperate-Peppermint.

Your company took first place in two very competitive categories.

The WeedCon Cup awards distinguish the best of the best in cannabis flower…CBD tinctures, edibles, concentrates, Vapes, topicals, dispensaries, and packaging. This year’s awards were judged by a panel of cannabis professionals, celebrities, and musicians including David Crosby.

Jimmy: El Gallo Labs is honored to receive these trophies and we thank everyone who voted for us. We really go the extra mile and do our research to get the best ingredients for both our THC and CBD product lines so that our customers come back again and again. These awards prove we are on the right track.

Anything new that our CBD Retailers can look forward to?

Jimmy: Yes of course, we have a brand new “baby” Balm coming out. Same quality as the big one, only in a convenient travel size. Our CBD Body Balm works fast and has a great smell everyone loves.

Rachael Harrow at Top Shelf Gift Shop, Escondido, CA shows off her new El Gallo CBD counter display case / Bailey at South Coast Vapor, Encinitas, CA just received the El Gallo Large Starter Pack Assortment Display.

It sure looks like you can count on El Gallo to deliver the goods through creative innovations and ideas that keep Enhancing Life’s Adventures.

Jimmy: That’s right, that’s our slogan, Enhancing Life’s Adventures, and our goal is to provide products that deliver what they promise because we believe that a lifestyle is lived, not bought.

Any last words for our readers?

First of all, thank you CBDFollow, we appreciate everything you’re doing for our industry.

We’re always looking for new retailers, wholesalers and distributors so, be sure to tell everyone to Call the El Gallo Order Desk Today- (760) 712-6284 and visit for more information.

People really do LOVE El Gallo products and are not shy to tell the world!

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