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EAZE Insights Report for 2018 Is Out.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

What Did We Learn About The CBD Market.

Eaze offers on-demand delivery of cannabis products in California and also ships hemp-derived CBD products throughout most of the US. They currently offer 132 cannabis based products and accessories on their website, ten of which are CBD products. For 2018 Eaze had some key findings based on anonymized consumer behavior data of 450,000 cannabis consumers as well as attitudes and usage based on 4,000 survey respondents.

Here are some key points that can be taken form their results:

• Baby Boomers ( 50+) were one of the fastest growing segments, increasing 25% over the past year.

• The growth of the women entering the market outpaced men.

• CBD consumers nearly doubled in 2018, with Baby Boomers and Females being the largest demographic.

• Interest in CBD grew faster among Women, 91% compared to 76% for men.

• CBD only consumers reported multiple feelings and effects: 61% relaxation, 41% anxiety relief, 41% stress relief, 40% pain relief.

• Gummies are the preferred edible.

• Women prefer edibles, oils and topicals.

• Men prefer flower and concentrates.

For the full report click here

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