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Coastal Labs

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Quality and safety are top priorities at Coastal Labs

Why did you start Coastal Labs?

As leading credit card processors in the CBD industry under Coastal Pay, we noticed businesses had issues stocking up product. We first tried to bridge the suppliers with our clients however the source was always unreliable and the quality inconsistently mediocre. We then decided to control the supply as well as the quality by putting together a team of the most experienced and talented individuals giving birth to Coastal Labs.

What sets Coastal Labs apart from other extraction facilities?

Quality. A lot of labs are popping up chasing that quick buck which usually translates to low quality and unsafe extractions. Although we have various extraction methods to suit our client’s needs, we primarily focus on CO2 extractions which is known to be the most expensive but cleanest method for labs willing to invest in the equipment.

How is your CBD sourced?

We grow hemp on 850 acres in California with a combination of both indoor and outdoor, with USDA certification for the upcoming and future harvests. This insures the highest quality and cleanest hemp.

What testing do you go through to insure quality products?

We go through rigorous testing, sending our products to multiple reputable testing facilities nationwide where we test for heavy metals, mycotoxins, solvents, etc. We don’t release any products that shows any trace amounts of it. One of the benefits of USDA certification is that the quality control work is already partly done. A certificate of analysis is always provided on all our products.

What Products are you currently producing and what can we expect in the future?

We always strive to expand our product line from water solubles to all types of distillates, from full spectrum to broad spectrum to our newest crystal resistant distillate. We also focus on the minors such as CBG/CBN isolate extractions as we further our own research on the other minors.

Where do you see the market going?

You can’t stop education from growing in the market. Although people are primarily looking for the most “potent” product which is generally achieved through ethanol extractions, I believe “clean” products is where the market is headed. The cleanest extractions that preserve as much of the plant as possible (and not just the CBD) provides a lot of benefits to the body that consumers will soon realize and gravitate towards.

For more information visit Coastal Labs at

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