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CBD for Pets, Biting Into the Market

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

How to teach an old dog new tricks / Story: CBDFollow

Pet treats and products with cannabidiol (CBD) are on the rise and It’s no wonder with pet owners across the US spending an estimated $33 billion on veterinary care and over the counter supplies & medications for 2018. According to New Frontier Data In 2017 total hemp-derived pet-and-animal products sales reached $13 million and are estimated to reach $125 million by 2022

Pets make the perfect patients for CBD – there is no placebo effect and depending on the animal size and treatment dose, pets can start to show effects as soon as 10 minutes. It’s hard to say however since our pets can’t actually talk to us and tell us how they feel. CBD is said to help our four legged friends with joint pain, anxiety & stress relief, skin conditions and aging amongst the most popular ailments. CBD is non-toxic for pets, just as it is to humans and because CBD does not contain THC it will not get your pet high.

CBD treats are sold in almost every state and are available online and in pet stores, with edibles and tinctures being the most popular form of delivery. The best way to bite into this market is to reach pet owners on a personal level. Pets are treated like family members so if a brand can engage on a personal level then your odds of success are great. There are specific groups in Facebook that focus on Pet/CBD use , websites, blogs and message boards – these are specific groups that hone in on your target audience. However, don’t just focus on these CBD/pet groups, also focus on the human CBD groups which there are many more of. Chances are this audience is already using CBD and if they have a pet they are probably already experimenting with a few drops in their pet’s food.

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