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Boston Hempire - It All Starts With The Flower

Updated: May 14, 2019

Interview with Gregory Stearns, CMO for Boston Hempire

Who is Boston Hempire and how did the company get started?

In late 2017 our CEO, Brandon Gadles, started a tedious search for quality CBD flower. The industry was just starting to emerge with a lot of focus on oil-based products since the laws from state-to-state varied and industrial hemp flower was considered marijuana in some states’ eyes. The 2014 Farm Bill had created a lot of gray area as well when it came to the laws on hemp, but Brandon could see that the future of the CBD industry was close to exploding. Brandon started sourcing flower from one farm after another. The quality varied so greatly, and he knew creating a company that only sourced premium flower would not be an easy task. After a year of research and building business relationships, Brandon finally had the best flower available on the market and a team to build Boston Hempire. In the fall of 2018, the Boston Hempire website was launched, and the timing couldn’t have worked out better. Shortly after, President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp on a federal level. Boston Hempire was exploding along with the industry.

What makes Boston Hempire different from other CBD brands?

Quality, customer service, and innovation. We are constantly seeking the best flower available in the country. We only source natural and organic hemp flower and CBD products. We focus on listening to our customers and helping or changing any way possible. We also try to bring new products to market and bring innovative ideas that very few, if any, companies are doing.

Can you tell us about some of the products or innovative ideas you are currently producing and what can we expect in the future?

Hemp flower is our bread and butter, but we try to incorporate a variety of CBD products and subscriptions in our offerings. We currently have 10-12 strains of flower, our own line of CBD gummies, oils, relief cream, extracts (isolate, kief, shatter, shatter shards), CBD tea, moon rocks, a variety of flower/extract combos, and bath bombs. We are also working on a CBD hash product as well that should be out by summertime!

Can you tell us more about the subscription boxes?

Our subscription plans launched in March. We offer 3 flower-only subscriptions (monthly 1/8, monthly 1/2, and a weekly 1/8 variety pack) as well as three gift boxes. The gift boxes included 1,2 or 3 half ounces of flower paired with 3-5 ever-changing gifts. We are also working on a subscription box that will just have wellness products without the flower.

Who is your customer base made up of?

We have 2 customers for the most part. We have our wholesale/distributor customers that buy our retail packaged products in bulk for resale in their stores/distribution network and we have our online store customers/subscribers.

How is your CBD sourced?

We are very particular with the farms and manufacturing partners we work with. Our products are all natural or organic and our partners must follow strict guidelines in order to make sure the quality is good enough to be in our brand.

What testing do you go through so insure the quality of your products?

Every product we produce or carry is 3rd party lab tested and we provide those results with every shipment. This is also a key part of our customer service; ensuring our customers know exactly what is in the products they are ordering.

Do you see any company or industry challenges in the future?

Any company that is trying to help pave the road for a new industry is going to have bumps along the way. We expect somewhat of a supply and demand issue to arise at some point this year due to the amount of new companies emerging after the 2018 harvest, which is when the new Farm Bill was passed. We also have seen issues with credit card processing pop up as banks try to get a grasp on the industry and its future. I consider these headaches to be expected though, especially when you are trying to be a trailblazer in a new industry.

For more information go to / Phone (781) 924.1011

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