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Ananda Hemp

Products: Spectrum 300 tincture, Spectrum 600 tincture,Zero THC Spectrum 600 tincture

Spectrum 2000 tincture, Spectrum Softgels 30 count, Spectrum Softgels 60 count

Spectrum Salve 125mg, Bliss Intimate Oil, Pet Tinctures

Ananda Hemp believes that Mother Nature is the best architect for health and wellness. Our company was created to offer a natural alternative to help people with a range of conditions. Ananda Hemp’s parent company EcoFibre Ltd., an Australian genetic development company owns the world’s largest private cannabis seed bank consisting of over 300+ cultivars and ascensions gathered from nearly every continent on the planet. These genetics are the foundation for our primary operations in Kentucky, where we work side-by-side with generational farmers to bring to market the highest quality hemp-derived full spectrum products.​



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